WTC: Complete Water Solution

ION has in its repertoire a basket full of water treatment chemical formulations for various applications.

The following are the various formulations according to their industries.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

Industrial cooling systems are required to function smoothly. In order to get a maximum output it is essential to minimize scale, corrosion,fouling and Bio fouling. The chemical formulations for cooling water systems help to keep scale corrosion & Bio fouling at a minimum for a trouble free operation of the system.

Fuel side treatment programs are available for Fireside problems, while ensuring fuel saving. Industrial cleaner combination compounds for various applications viz Resin cleaning, Filter and media cleaning, Aluminium cleaning are also available.”

Tailor made formulations of the above are also available, catering to the specific needs of your systems:
  • Cooling water Treatment Chemicals with multipurpose and single formulations
  • Scale and corrosion Inhibitors for various types of waters
  • Dispersants and Biodispersants for specific applications
  • Biocides for microbial and algal control to provide trouble free operations
Our Range:
  1. Multipurpose: Scale, Corrosion Inhibitor And Dispersants
  2. Scale Inhibitor (Carbonate, Sulphate, Silica Inhibitor)
  3. Corrosion Inhibitor
  4. Dispersant
  5. Biodispersant
  6. Biocides
  7. On line cleaner

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Boilers are important equipments used in industrial processes. Boiler water quality is of prime importance in order to obtain maximum output without any breakdowns. Therefore Pretreatment and chemical treatment of the water is very important to prevent scale & corrosion in boilers. Regular boiler water conditioning is essential for a trouble free and safe boiler operation. We provide effective formulations for improved boiler water treatment operations.

Boiler water Treatment Chemicals with multipurpose formulations:
  • Polymeric Sludge Conditioners
  • Instant Oxygen Scavenger
  • Corrosion Control Agents
  • Scale Inhibitor
  • Sequestrants
Our Range:
  1. Softening Agent, antiscalant
  2. Polymeric Sludge conditioner
  3. Instant Oxygen Scavenger
  4. Corrosion Control agents, Neutralizing agents

R.O. Antiscalants and Cleaner

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) is an economical and commonly used process, for water desalination (demineralization), wastewater recycle and material recovery. The performance of the R.O. membrane gets hampered due to fouling and scaling. Antiscalant and cleaning chemicals help to effectively maintain the required performance of the R.O. membranes. A Wide range of R.O. Antiscalants are also available. We provide formulations based on modern polymers for scale inhibitors for carbonate, sulphate and silicate ions.

Lastly for periodic cleaning and maintenance of the R.O. membrane is done to keep membrane free from foulants. Different cleaning formulations for chemical as well as microbiological fouling are available.

Our Range:
  1. R.O. Antiscalant (Carbamate, sulphate, silica inhibitor)
  2. R.O. Cleaner

Fireside Additives

The main role of burned fuel viz. oil, coal, wood or baggase is to get maximum amount of steam from each unit of fuel economically. Impurities in fuels and operational problems are limitations to achieve maximum output from burned fuel. Our fireside additive plays an important role complete combustion of fuel along with a control on corrosion deposits, slagging clinker formation, reduction in air born pollution emission as well as inhibition of fouling. We offer safe, economical and reliable solutions for fireside problems. Also our fireside additives can help to achieve energy savings inspite of operational problems.

Our Range:
  1. Scale Deposit control corrosion Inhibitor
  2. Combustion Catalyst
  3. Anti-Clinkering & Anti-Slugging agent, Antifoulants
  4. Furnace cleaning compounds

Cane Sugar Process Chemicals

Maximum sugar recovery from crushed cane is the primary aim of a cane sugar factory. Different sugar process chemicals are useful for improving and economizing sugar production. We offer modern sugar process chemicals which enhance sugar production. Mainly boiler treatment chemicals, mill sanitation compounds, scale inhibitor/antiscalant, sugar recovery enhancer, viscosity reducer, and other different specialty chemicals are available. Use of these chemicals helps the sugar process unit for a trouble free run and achieving maximum recovery of sugar from baggase.

Our Range:
  1. Mill Sanitation Compound
  2. Evaporator Antiscalant
  3. Viscosity Reducer
  4. Bagasse Pol Reducer
  5. Boiler Water Treatment chemical