RO Membrane Alkaline Cleaner

Code : WT - ROC1800

Range : Alkaline Cleaner

Category : Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

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Regular chemical cleaning of RO membranes will help to increase its performance and will extend its useful life. The main concern with cleaning is that it should be done before the situation gets too bad as then the membrane may become fouled and will have to be replaced. Cleaning should be undertaken whenever the permeate flux, differential pressure or conductivity changes to undesirable values. However it is better to clean the membrane regularly after a predetermined interval. Each type of fouling requires a different cleaning strategy depending on the water supply, membrane fouling may be inorganic, organic, microbiological or a combination.


Our Acidic Cleaner is highly effective multipurpose cleaning chemical which very effectively removes deposits including carbonate, silicate, sulphate, phosphate of Calcium, Barium, Strontium and Iron scales.


Our Alkaline Cleaner is highly effective in removing deposits including colloids and organic biofoulants. It is a combination of Alkaline cleaner and a novel surfactant.