Bactaslyde® : Bacteria Testing Dip Slide


BACTASLYDE® is a presterilized slide, coated with specially developed media, for the growth of a variety of bacteria, yeasts & fungi. Its dual media enables you to perform different tests, at a time. BACTASLYDE® can be used virtually in any industry.

BACTASLYDE® has been found to be reliable and compares well with conventional microbiological techniques. Such slides are in regular usage, worldwide, for monitoring microbiological contamination.


  • Avoid breakdowns
  • Optimise usage of water treatment chemicals
  • Improve efficiency
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Provide healthier working environment
  • Reduce corrosion

Salient Features

  • Microbiology laboratory not required
  • Can be used by non-technical people
  • Extremely easy and quick
  • No capital investment
  • Most Economical
  • Can be used at site very effectively.

How to use BACTASLYDE® - Dip Slide

Dip Slide

use use
Cut open
Dip for 20-25 seconds. Use a clean container to hold the test material
use use
Or if a clean container is not available, the outer tube can be used to hold the material. Incubate
(in a warm place)
Match with Density Chart

How to use BACTASLYDE® - Pouch Pack


Wash hands throughly with soap & water before handling Bactaslyde Pouch Pack
use use
1. Media pouches &
sterile bottle
2. Cut open both the pouches carefully
use use
3. Pour the contents of both pouches into the bottle 4. Pour water upto the red arrow mark.
5. Keep in a warm place for 18 to 24 hours. 6. Then observe the colour of the liquid in the botle
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The colour of media would change if the bacteria species under test is present.