AQUASOL® are complete systems available in one package, for reliable testing. Any time... Anywhere... You will believe in AQUASOL®, the more you use it.

Simple, Easy To Follow Procedures, Anytime... Anywhere...

AQUASOL® systems are extremely simple and easy to use. You neither have to be a trained chemist nor require any experience to get reliable results from these systems. AQUASOL® makes monitoring convenient and quick. Thus preventive action can be taken immediately.

Based On Proven Laboratory Methods Backed By Sound Chemical Research

AQUASOL® are systems based on standard and established analytical methods, backed by chemical research. These are simple adaptations of classic chemical analytical methods. The analytical methods are based on Standard Methods For Examination Of Water And Waste Water prepared by American Public Health Association (APHA), American Water Works Association (AWWA), different pharmacopoeias and other standard methods.

Rapid, Accurate And Reliable Results Are Achieved

You can have complete confidence in the results you obtain from AQUASOL®, as they are extremely reliable. AQUASOL® systems replace conventional analytical methods such as Titrimetric, Colorimetric and Spectrophotometric by simple drop test & standard colour comparison methods.

Low Cost, User Friendly, Compact And Portable Systems

AQUASOL® reagents are completely ready to use, conveniently packed, and therefore user friendly. Our drop count procedures and suitable colour comparisons are also economical.

AQUASOL® Gives You Freedom From The Need Of A Laboratory, Trained Manpower And Laborious Processes Involved

AQUASOL® systems are extremely convenient, and free you from the tedium of the laboratory, while saving precious time. Now you do not have to bother about reagent preparations and standardization. Therefore AQUASOL® systems have been designed especially for You, who require accuracy of the highest standards.